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Sun, Feb. 6th, 2011, 10:53 am
chibifrieza: just for fun

Hi! Is anybody still around?

I have a question - it's kind of silly, but I'm curious.

Background: last night, I performed En foret at a concert. These last few weeks, as I was preparing, the piece ended up stuck in my head quite a bit, as these things do. The weird thing was... it almost always ended up morphing into Villanelle if I wasn't paying attention.

So my question for you is this: are there any pieces that you associate that way? Are there any two (or three, or four) horn pieces that often segue into one another in your head? I'm sure most of us have had this discussion about pop music, but how about your favourite brass instrument?

(If this doesn't happen to you with horn pieces, but other instrumentation or even just pop songs, I wouldn't mind hearing about that instead. :D)


Tue, Nov. 10th, 2009, 03:19 pm
frhornstar: any decent used horn cases out there??

I am in dire need of a horn case, but do not  have the money to afford the one I really want. In the meantime, I was hoping I could find a decent used one. My horn is a Conn 8D screwbell and the case I have is the standard 8D screwbell case, however the backpack straps are broken and one of the zippers doesn't work. I also have a gig bag that I used in high school, but my previous horn was damaged twice while in it, and I seriously think the safety of it is about the same as a trash bag.  Does anyone have a spare case that they would be willing to sell to me for a decent price? Ideally something with some sort of carrying strap. Thanks in advance!

Sat, Oct. 17th, 2009, 05:16 pm
frenchhorn: Baltimore Brass Company

I just want to put this out there:  Baltimore Brass Company is the shit.

A clarinetist knocked my horn off a chair on Thursday crushing the bell, I called BBC Friday morning, set up a time to come in EARLY saturday (today!) and the wonderful repair man made my bell beautiful again...in one hour and for only $50!!

I love them and Highly recommend them.

Sat, Sep. 26th, 2009, 01:47 pm
praysforluna: B Flat Side to Sound Like a Trumpet?

Can someone please tell me the notes for Concert B Flat Major scale on the B Flat side of the horn so it's like a trumpet? It would also be greatly appreciated if you could give me the notes in Concert C as well. Please and Thank you!

Edit: Problem solved! Thank you all for your answers!

Mon, Sep. 7th, 2009, 12:04 pm
chibifrieza: (no subject)

Does anybody know of any compositions for horn and baritone voice? I'm trying to find something I can perform with my brother, and he isn't a tenor, so Britten's out, and it's a hard combination to search. Any suggestions?

Tue, Sep. 1st, 2009, 08:20 pm
frenchhorn: Valve Oil

Besides Al Cass, what valve oil do you prefer?

Sun, Jul. 19th, 2009, 08:17 pm
frhornstar: (no subject)

Conical mouthpiece for a G Mellophone: does such a thing exist? If so, where can I get one?



Tue, Jun. 23rd, 2009, 01:57 pm
xynnia: Help! Cold sore problem :(

Heya :3 I've never posted to this community before, but I have an emergency! I'm a French Horn player and I have a cold sore (or blister or some kind of spot... I'm actually not sure) on my lip exactly where my mouthpiece goes when I'm playing the horn, and it's making it painful and difficult to play. I can reposition the mouthpiece slightly to make it less painful but then it makes some notes harder to play, and doesn't do wonders for my tone either. I'm all right with middle-range notes (middle C to A or B) but the higher the note, the more painful it is, and I also have difficulties with changing quickly between a high and a low note.

So, my question: has anyone here ever played the horn with a cold sore and/or can give me any advice on how to deal with it? Abstaining from playing the horn isn't an option since I've got school music practices to go to, a recording in one of them tomorrow and a BIG concert on Saturday, the last of my school career, where I'm playing first horn in two pieces... which is why it's an emergency. I've had it for a week and it doesn't seem to be going away normally, though I can still hope. I've just started putting Bonjela on it which is a gel that treats mouth ulcers, cold sores and the like... but in the event of it still being there on Saturday I want to try and play normally, even if it hurts.

Fri, May. 29th, 2009, 03:34 pm
tapakidney: New horn

Hey everyone. I have never been much into equipment- I've played on the same horn, same mouthpiece since the beginning. My stuff is a Yamaha 668N with a Farkas MC, and they have served me well for 14 years. Now, I don't know if it's just gotten too beaten up, the acids in my skin and saliva have messed it up, or what, but I feel it's finally time to upgrade. I just feel as if I have hit a wall and cannot make progress any more. Maybe I need a lesson...maybe I should go to MORE school (yeah, right...).

So, the point: I would like to find a horn that expands upon what is good about the 668. I would love to maintain a good, full, rich sound for orchestral playing but also be able to keep things delicate for chamber playing. Is it even possible for a horn to excel in both extremes? I always felt I could do both pretty well with the 668, but wonder if there is better.

Now, my biggest flaws are accuracy and endurance. I used to be more accurate, but then I started playing louder (because I was just too chamber-y) I hate going to an audition and playing making mistakes that just SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. On top of that, I have always had trouble getting through both repeats of the Brandenburg Trio, endurance-wise.

I admit, I have tried only 1 other horn, and that was for 5 minutes in a masterclass. It was Gail Williams' (I THINK) Karl Hill. Does anyone know exactly what Hill model she plays? Well, I liked it quite a bit. I also hear those are hard to get a hold of.

Would a custom 668 be a good possibility? A 667? Please help me out, as I am pretty clueless at the moment!

Oh, and I guess it's important to mention that my ultimate goal is to land an orchestra job. Large or chamber...That might narrow the horn choices down a tiny bit...

Fri, May. 22nd, 2009, 09:00 pm
praysforluna: First Time Horn Buyer!

So I'm shopping for a French Horn tommorrow. I've been renting a Yamaha double horn for about 2 years now and I want to buy a horn.  I'm not sure which is the best horn to brand to buy, I've seen lots of Holton and Yamaha but I'm not sure which brand to buy.

This is what I'm looking at buying right now.

-Price isn't a issue
- Hopefully made of nickle but not a big issue
-Double Horn

So what do you look for when buying a horn and what brands do like/dislike?

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